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The Chocolate Allergy Revelation - Antiquity (Steve Earth)
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 5. Use meta-reasoning to deduce the ages of three people based on a product, a sum, and a seemingly irrelevant ... more>>

A Million in Time - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. "Human beings can expect to live a million..." Use your conversion skills to determine which unit of time best ... more>>

Ms. Newton's Secret - Jeanne Fitzgerald
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Can you discover the secret of Ms. Newton's ... more>>

Oh, Brother! - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 1. Aidan is how many days younger than ... more>>

Presidential Timepieces - Mary DeYoung & class
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 4. Develop a sense of time by exploring presidential ... more>>

Middle School

How Old is Ms. Nelson? - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 2. Ms. Nelson claims that she is three times as old as her little sister. However, six years ago she was five times as ... more>>


Grandpa Jones' Age - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Little George asks how old his grandpa is, and needs your help to find out the ... more>>

The Great One - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Indiana Jones found a math problem about the life span of "The Great One" engraved on an old tombstone. How old was the ... more>>

Mr. Cramer's Cousins - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find the ages of two young men by using Cramer's Rule to solve a system of linear ... more>>

Mr. Green's Birthday - Ethel Breuche
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Mr. Green has a birthday but will not tell his age directly. Can you figure out his age based on the ... more>>

The Professors' Ages - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find the professors' ages to complete the requested ... more>>

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