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Integer Operations
These problems are based on operations with integers, including exponents, order of operations, and absolute value. The problems should be suitable for the beginning algebra student and don't require later algebra knowledge.

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Baffling Brother - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Brandon wows his sister by having her choose a secret number and make a series of calculations, then telling her what her final answer is. Can you use variables and algebra to explain how Brandon did it? ... more>>

Eduardo's Equations - Steve Risberg Annie Fetter
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Find all possible integer solutions to a system of four equations in two variables. ... more>>

Examining an Equation - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Find integer solutions to an equation in two variables. ... more>>

Kristina's Code - Suzanne Alejandre & Steve Weimar
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Use the four equations that Kristina wrote to figure out her two unknown numbers. ... more>>

Math on the Midway - Steve Risberg
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Can you win the carnival midway math game by finding a pattern in the numbers? ... more>>

Operation Warm-up - Annie Fetter
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Find all possible ordered pairs that are solutions to four given equations. ... more>>

Power-full Fractions - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Given the expression (A/B)^C + (D/E)^F + (G/H)^I, substitute the digits 1 through 9 for the variables so that the simplified value of the expression is an integer. ... more>>

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