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Discrete Math: Logic

Logic is the foundation of mathematics, and is required to solve many problems involving discrete mathematics. Many of the following logic problems are accessible to middle school students and can be solved by organizing information in a chart or diagram.

For background information elsewhere on our site, explore the High School Discrete Math and Logic areas of the Ask Dr. Math archives. To find relevant sites on the Web, browse and search Discrete Mathematics in our Internet Mathematics Library.

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Come Fly With Me - Ethel Breuche
Discrete Math, difficulty level 3. Applicants to the U.S. Air Force are eligible to become airplane pilots only if they satisfy three conditions. Venn diagrams can be used to determine how many applicants actually qualified. ... more>>

Coverage - Larry Sue
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. This classic problem asks whether the given shape covers the given grid. ... more>>

Homework Phone Pals - Leigh Nataro
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. Using the given clues, figure out which students are homework phone pals. ... more>>

The Musicians' Dilemma - Daniel Weinstein
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. The musicians need to cross a bridge but only two may go at a time, using the flashlight. They take different amounts of time to cross but they have only seventeen minutes to get to the concert. How can they do this? ... more>>

Rock Star Poisoned - Ethel Breuche
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. Malonda is found poisoned in her dressing room. Solve this murder mystery using the clues given. ... more>>

Sokoban - Stephen Maurer
Discrete Math, difficulty level 3. Solve this game in the fewest number of moves and prove your solution. ... more>>

The Termite and the Cube - Jared Hammond
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. Can a termite, traveling only vertically or horizontally through a 3x3x3 Rubik-like cube, go through every cube exactly once and wind up in the very center? ... more>>

Tourists in Turkey - Arda Antikacioglu
Elementary, difficulty level 4. Analyze tourism data from Turkey to discover how many people visited specific areas of the country last year. ... more>>

Who Broke Mom's Favorite Vase? - Leigh Nataro
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. Using logic, determine who is lying and who is telling the truth about who broke Mom's favorite vase. ... more>>

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