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Discrete Math: Miscellaneous

Sometimes discrete math problems draw on mathematics topics such as game theory and number theory. The problems listed below include these and other topics.

For background information elsewhere on our site, explore the High School Discrete Math area of the Ask Dr. Math archives. To find relevant sites on the Web, browse and search Discrete Mathematics in our Internet Mathematics Library.

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Addition in the Land of Make Believe - Leigh Nataro
Discrete Math, difficulty level 3. For any base b, show that if you subtract the sum of its digits from a number, the result is divisible by b-1. ... more>>

The Confession Letter - Ethel Breuche
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. Students are asked to decode the letter left by the murderer from last week's puzzle. ... more>>

Count to Ten? - Leigh Nataro
Trig/Calc, difficulty level 3. Use the given clues to determine the base system for counting used by people of the planet Torus. ... more>>

The Dating Game - Chuck Biehl
Discrete Math, difficulty level 5. This problem is based on the Stable Marriage Algorithm, which requires students to make the best match possible between a set of girls and a set of boys desiring to date each other. ... more>>

Fastball or Curveball? - Leigh Nataro
Discrete Math, difficulty level 4. Using game theory, find the percentage of time a batter should guess a fastball will be thrown, and calculate the associated batting average. ... more>>

Roses, Roses, Roses - Larry Sue
Discrete Math, difficulty level 1. Bob must bring his girlfriend roses to say he's sorry. Explore some of the ramifications of combining modular arithmetic and interpersonal relationships. ... more>>

The Take Away Game - Leigh Nataro
Discrete Math, difficulty level 3. Find the strategy to guarantee that you will always win in this game. ... more>>

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