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Identifying and Classifying Two-dimensional Shapes
These problems help children analyze the properties of two-dimensional shapes.

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Different Shapes -
Grade K. Compare some shapes and say how they are different. ... more>>

Laying Carpet -
Grade 2. Figure out the different sizes that LeBron's rectangular room might be. ... more>>

Making Cookies -
Grade K. Help the baker count how many cookies broke in half. ... more>>

Making Shapes -
Grade K. Use the clues to identify a shape. ... more>>

Name That Shape! -
Grade 2. Figure out what shape Mia has drawn. ... more>>

Not Like the Others -
Grade 1. Look at three shapes and describe how they are different. ... more>>

Pattern Block Designs -
Grade 1. Follow the instructions to build a pattern block design and explain your choices. ... more>>

Ship-Shape -
Grade K. Order the shapes from least sides to most sides. ... more>>

Snowy Footprints -
Grade 2. Find out how many steps Malik walks while stamping a giant rectangle in the snow. ... more>>

What Do I Have in My Bag? -
Grade 1. Use the clues to determine what the mystery shape is. ... more>>

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