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These problems require knowledge of time, including the relationships between different units of time ranging from seconds to years.

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A Day at Camp -
Grade 2. Figure out a camper's schedule for the day. ... more>>

Bus Stop -
Grade K. Figure out what time Sally leaves for the bus. ... more>>

Field Day -
Grade 1. Use addition to find out how much time Sofia spent running races. ... more>>

Home On Time -
Grade 2. Figure out if Betsy will be home in time for her favorite cartoon. ... more>>

How Far Will Taylor Run? -
Grade 2. Follow a pattern to figure out how far Taylor can run without stopping. ... more>>

Spin Art -
Grade 2. Figure out how many more bottles of purple paint Marcus and Lyle need so they don't run out before the school fair ends. ... more>>

Spring Day -
Grade 1. Figure out how long it took Michael and Matty to bike to the end of the path. ... more>>

Summer Days -
Grade 1. Use your knowledge of time and money to answer some questions about a lemonade stand. ... more>>

The Morning Bus -
Grade 1. Find out if Beth will make it to the school bus on time. ... more>>

Try It Out -
Grade K. Show the number 10 in different ways. ... more>>

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