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The concept of multiplication is central to solving these problems, though it may not be the only required operation.

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At the Fair -
Grade 2. Find the different ways you can earn enough points to win a toy. ... more>>

Balloon Fun -
Grade K. Find out the number of balloons two friends have in all. ... more>>

Bat-tastic! -
Grade 1. Figure out the combined wingspans of some friends in bat costumes. ... more>>

Ben's Ice Cream Cone -
Grade 1. Find the different types of ice cream treats Ben can get. ... more>>

Bubblegum -
Grade 2. Divide pieces of bubblegum equally among three sisters. ... more>>

Clowning Around -
Grade 1. Use repeated addition to find out how many balls the clowns are juggling. ... more>>

Dog Packs -
Grade 2. Figure out how many dogs were in each of 3 packs before more dogs joined them. ... more>>

Donut Sale -
Grade 1. Figure out how much Geneva has to spend for 8 donuts. ... more>>

Donuts on a Tray -
Grade 2. Help Glenda to figure out how to arrange snacks on a tray in equal rows. ... more>>

Drumsticks -
Grade 1. Figure out how many drumsticks the band needs. ... more>>

Earning Money -
Grade 1. Answer questions about doing chores to earn allowance. ... more>>

How Big Is Your Foot? -
Grade K. Figure out how long your foot is and how long "twice as long" would be. ... more>>

How Many Cookies Can I Buy? -
Grade 2. Find out how many cookies you can buy at the bake shop with the money you have. ... more>>

Ice Cream Sandwiches -
Grade K. Find out how many cookies Ariana needs to make enough treats for her friends. ... more>>

More Milk! -
Grade 2. Figure out how many glasses of milk Davin drinks in one week. ... more>>

Pinecones -
Grade 2. Figure out how many pinecones Marissa collected and how many more she needs to make her mother a present. ... more>>

Play Date -
Grade 1. Figure out how far Jayleen walked. ... more>>

Puppies for Sale -
Grade 1. Determine how many puppies are in the crates. ... more>>

Snack Time! -
Grade 1. Figure out how many graham crackers are needed to feed three friends. ... more>>

Snow Day! -
Grade 1. Figure out how many mittens the Lee children need. ... more>>

The Card Game -
Grade 2. Figure out how many dots are on each card in Suki's card game. ... more>>

The Class Play -
Grade 2. Figure out how many ways 12 chairs can be placed in equal rows. ... more>>

Trail Mix -
Grade 2. Help Samantha double a recipe for trail mix. ... more>>

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