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  1. Learning & Mathematics Discussion Sessions - Math Forum
    Newsgroup discussions inspired by recent work on how students learn mathematics among mathematicians, teachers of mathematics, and students of educational psychology that occurred on the Math Forum's newsgroup geometry.pre-college. Much of the work around ideas that form the basis of the NCTM Standards indicates that the traditional classroom needs to be changed if more effective learning (learning that is more conceptual and less formulaic) is to take place. Summaries of articles posted to the group include implications for classroom practice. Annotated bibliographies include: Alternative Instruction and Alternative, Performance-Based Assessment; Cross-Age Tutoring; Girls' Attitudes, Self-Expectations, and Performance in Math; Limited English Proficiency Students and Mathematics; Mathematics and Motivation. more>>

  2. Mathblogging.org - Breuer, Felix; von Heymann, Frederik; and Krautzberger, Peter
    See a list of latest posts across a wide range of math blogs; search them; or view them by category, stats, and tags. Two current Ph.D. candidates and a postdoctoral fellow run Mathblogging.org. more>>

  3. The Mathematics Teaching Community - Beckmann, Sybilla; and Hicks, Jacob; Department of Mathematics; University of Georgia
    An online discussion community for those "passionate about math teaching" who want to "foster deeper collective thinking and exchange of ideas about mathematics teaching.... in a way that goes beyond coffee room conversations." Dating back to 2012, posts have included "Mazes (and topology?) for elementary school students," "Cross Multiply to compare fractions," "Response to Diane Ravitch's posting on why she cannot support the Common Core State Standards," "Explaining 0 divided by 0," "To Secretary Duncan: policies should support teaching profession, not test-based accountability," "Praise Versus Encouragement in the Mathematics Classroom," "Disappearing Tricks with the Common Core," "Why we shouldn't write 50 ÷ 8 = 6 R 2," and "Geometric Explanation of Triangular Numbers — Can it Be Extended?" and "Bundle & Unbundle: Do it either way!" and "'speed drills' and 'timed exercises': helpful or counterproductive?" Discussants have included Sybilla Beckmann, William McCallum, Raymond Johnson, Ashli Black, and Tad Watanabe. more>>


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