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  1. English Attack on the Longitude Problem - MacTutor Math History Archives
    Linked essay covering the period from the mid-17th through the mid-18th century, with 9 references (books/articles). more>>

  2. Esri
    Developers of geographic information systems (GIS). Math education books include GIS Tutorial, Fun with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and the series Our World, which features software, lessons, data, and assessments. ESRI's ArcLessons library freely offers lessons such as Measuring the Circumference of the Earth with GPS; Geocaching; GPS & Heron's Algorithm; Travel Time to Major Cities; Analyzing Water Use with GIS; Investigating Extreme Temperatures in the USA; and On the Road Again (Transportation Analysis of the USA). ESRI's Storytelling with Maps combines story maps with web applications to incorporate text, multimedia, and interactive functions about the Battle of Gettysburg, most visited National Parks, renewable energy, world's largest ports, hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT), STEM education, refugee camps, March Madness, the Moore (OK) tornado, bats, the US's largest malls, the Gaza Strip, Thanksgiving dinner, the impact of Superstorm Sandy, precinct results of US Presidential elections, worst hurricanes, marriage equality, endangered species, Mars, Olympic medals and torch relay, population, global crop production, the High Line Park (NY), obesity and diabetes, the fate of Titanic passengers, health care, watersheds, diversity, Irish surnames, unemployment, the uninsured, cell phones, housing prices, and a host of geography treasure hunts. See also their tour of nine interesting ZIP codes from around the country in celebration of the US Postal Service's 50th anniversary of the Zone Improvement Plan. more>>

  3. Longitude and the Académie Royale - MacTutor Math History Archives
    Linked essay describing longitude from Eratosthenes' mapping efforts through the 1681 Académie Royale expedition, with 8 references (books/articles). more>>

  4. Mathematics of Cartography - Cynthia Lanius
    A map is a set of points, lines, and areas all defined both by position with reference to a coordinate system and by non-spatial attributes. These pages discuss how maps are used, give examples of different kinds of maps, and cover map history and math topics - lines, points, areas, coordinates, etc., in particular scale, coordinate systems, and projection. Also Problems, Resources, Careers in mapmaking, Teachers' Notes, and References. more>>


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75:  # them according to the format variables defined earlier in
76:  # this file and join them onto the $sub sub-routine string
77:  if ($hargs) {
78:  # we may trash some of the args so we take a copy
79:  @a = @DB::args; # must get local copy of args
80:  # don't print any more than $MaxArgNums
81:  if ($MaxArgNums and @a > $MaxArgNums) {
82:  # cap the length of $#a and set the last element to '...'
83:  $#a = $MaxArgNums;
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