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Author:Anthony C. Hearn
Description: An interactive program designed for general algebraic computations of interest to mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Capabilities include: expansion and ordering of polynomials and rational functions; substitutions and pattern matching; automatic and user controlled simplification of expressions; calculations with symbolic matrices; arbitrary precision integer and real arithmetic; analytic differentiation and integration; factorization of polynomials; Dirac matrix calculations of interest to high energy physicists. Facilities for defining new functions and extending program syntax; for the solution of a variety of algebraic equations; for the output of expressions in a variety of formats; for generating optimized numerical programs from symbolic input. Links to ordering information, demonstration versions, main system documentation and online help, contributed software documentation, new second category packages documentation, packages available from other sources, REDUCE demonstrations at other sites, and REDUCE network library.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: General Software Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Computer Algebra

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