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Hermann Grassmann and the Prehistory of Universal Algebra

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Author:Desmond Fearnley-Sander
Description: A definition of universal algebra, with a sketch of its prehistory. "...abstract algebras are divided by a very simple scheme into self-contained `species'. Within each species a perfect duality is found between families of formal laws and the families of algebras satisfying them. Here the term 'family of algebras of a given species' is used in a technical sense meaning a class closed under taking subalgebras, homomorphic images and direct products - or what is nowadays called a variety. This said, one must point out that undoubtedly the most influential figure in the movement towards abstraction and generality in algebra which culminated in Universal Algebra was Emmy Noether, who died in 1935." Grassmann and Boole; Grassmann's Products; References.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles
Math Topics: Modern Algebra, History and Biography

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