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Results From Prior Support

The Math Forum, REC-9618223, $971,300, March 1999 to February 29, 2000

The Math Forum is arguably the most widely used math education site on the Internet (search for "math" on Google.) It began in January of 1996 as a proof-of-concept grant from the NSF to extend the work of the Geometry Forum into other areas of mathematics and to investigate the viability of a virtual center for mathematics education on the Internet. The Math Forum has developed a vast Web site of over 925,035 learning resources and it receives over 650,000 visitors a month, with mentored user services such as Ask Dr. Math, for students of all ages, Problems of the Week services for grades 3-12, and Teacher2Teacher for discussions of pedagogy.

The Math Forum's home page allows browsing and searching the Internet Mathematics Library of over 8600 annotated entries of hand-selected resources. The cataloguing features are based on American Mathematical Society categories, and are enhanced by recommendations of the American Mathematics Metadata Task Force .

The Math Forum provides many ways for people to interact with one another, with different points of access for people of varied strengths, needs, and interests. Community building is an important part of Forum activities and has formed the basis of much of the content development on the site. The Math Forum represents a vision about the possibilities for an Internet community that extends the collegiality found in schools, classrooms, or the workplace. Evaluation of the Forum is used in program design, development, and facilitation, and provides an assessment of impact.

Other Related Work

The goals of the JOMA Applet Project, DLI-2 Award Number 9980185, were to 1) search the Web an other resources to locate and collect applets and similar programs developed by the mathematics research and teaching communities, 2) review and test these systematically, and 3) to make them easily accessible to undergraduate faculty and students. JOMA, the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, is published by the Mathematical Association of America. This project was the basis for MathDL an undergraduate-level digital library, NSDL Award Number 0085861, a joint project between the MAA and the Math Forum, which is developing the technical infrastructure.

These projects have given us considerable experience constructing libraries and supporting technologies, such as metadata for the NSF digital library initiative. In addition, numerous Forum staff members have contributed to NSDL activities, meetings and working groups. The Math Forum was a founding member of the SMETE Open Federation , the largest identifiable user base for the National STEM Education Digital Library.

ESCOT (Educational Software Components of Tomorrow), REC Award Number 9804930, was a testbed for the integration of innovative technology in middle school mathematics . The Math Forum, working with SRI and other partners, hosted summer workshops for teachers and developers that produced math tools for integration into our Problems of the Week. Math Forum evaluators studied the effect of these POWs on student learning .

The Math Forum Online Mentoring Project, DUE Award Number 0127516, is developing a guide to enable professors to integrate online mentoring experiences into their mathematics and mathematics education courses. Pre-service teachers in these courses mentor students submitting their solutions to the Math Forum's Problems of the Week. We expect to use the results of this project to train mentors for the Technology Problem of the Week (tPOWs) in the proposed project.

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