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Work Plan

Collection Activities

Before Official Proposal Approval
- Finalize approval to use major collections (TI, Shodor, Utah State).
- Find a few high-quality reviewers through personal contacts, College Board workshops, TI, etc.


Spring Semester, 2003
- Forum staff begins developing Audition Tool and Reviewer Guide, working with first reviewers.
- Reviewers begin reviewing and also working with staff to refine Audition Tool and Reviewer Guide.
- George Reese begins research article reviews.
- Identify workshops where we can show our material, find teachers, get professional development providers involved.
- Send notices to appear in journals, web sites, timed for announcement of pilot site.

April, 2003 NCTM meeting
- Launch pilot version of site, publicize site, look for reviewers.
- Begin campaign for teachers to send tool nominations, user reviews.

Summer, 2003
- Hold first Summer Workshop for teachers and developers.
- Use Audition Tool and Reviewer Guide to develop corps of reviewers by mid-summer.

Fall, 2003 and throughout rest of project
- Continue with review activities already begun and to recruit new reviewers.

YEAR 2: 2004

April, 2004 NCTM meeting
- Official launch of Math Tools site. Target date to finish searching for and reviewing main collection of tools.

Summer, 2004
- Concentrate on community building aspects of site and teacher-developer work.
- Hold second Summer Workshop for teachers and developers.

Fall semester, 2004
- Make presentations at NCTM regional and other meetings.
- Continue reviewing, recruiting, and finding new tools.

User Activities

Before Official Proposal Approval
- Begin informal search for facilitators to lead the 5 content strands, 9 courses, and the overarching community.
- Work with handheld manufacturers to find appropriate facilitators and leaders.
- Develop agreements with manufacturers to provide special help desks where users can go with technical problems.
- Use personal contacts to find computer software developers to act as facilitators and leaders. Aim for experts in applets, java script, Flash.


Spring Semester, 2003
- Continue recruiting facilitators, also tPOW constructors, tT2T resource persons, and other group leaders.
- Work with facilitators to accommodate various teacher categories: o those new to technology o more experienced technologists o pre-service o in-service.
- Look for professional development workshops and other venues where we can show our material and recruit leaders.
- Plan the construction of tPOWs with appropriate Forum staff and problemists.
- Start Developer's Page and pages for each handheld and relevant programming language. Look for situations where developers can share programming tools.
- Start on student and parent portals.
- Develop pilot version of overall site.

April, 2003
- Demonstrate pilot site and use the NCTM meeting to further our aims, above.
- At NCTM meeting, T^3, ICTCM, etc. work to get developer and design team discussion and demos.
- Begin monthly discussion of research articles.
- Finish startup version of student and parent portals before summer.

Summer, 2003
- Revise pilot site on the basis of teacher and other feedback.

Fall Semester, 2003 and throughout rest of project
- Give talks, demos, workshops at NCTM regional meetings.
- Continue to recruit facilitators, revise site, and engage users in community.

YEAR 2: 2004

Spring, 2004
- Work toward launch of official site.
April, 2004
- Officially launch site at time of NCTM Annual. The basic collection will be in place.
- Concentrate on community building and teacher-developer work.
- Have developer and design team discussions and demos for NCTM meeting.

Summer, 2004 and throughout rest of project
- Revise portals based on feedback.
- Work with professional development workshops, teacher workshops, (including our own) to use Math Tools.
- Continue to recruit facilitators, revise site, and engage users in community.

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