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The Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides pages of links to general Computer Resources and Computers in Math Education. A few selections from these pages are offered below.

  ALEKS - UC Regents and ALEKS Corporation
An all-Java, Web-based one-on-one math tutor on the Internet that adapts continuously to the student, maintaining a map of each student's knowledge ... more>>

  Calculus in Motion - Audrey Weeks
Geometer's Sketchpad animations of mathematical concepts from middle school through high school. Three products are offered: Calculus in Motion (161 ... more>>

  Calculus&Mathematica - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University
A computer-based course about calculus, differential equations, and matrix theory, which the instructor can use as soon as the computers are unloaded ... more>>

  Carnegie Learning
A suite of Cognitive Tutors for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and College Algebra. Each course combines computers and paper-based components with ... more>>

  Connected Mathematics Project Sketchpad Activities - Nathalie Sinclair, Michigan State University
Worksheets, sketches, and teacher notes for the Connected Mathematics Project curriculum (CMP). Developed by researchers from Michigan State ... more>>

  A Difference - Darren Kuropatwa
This Winnipeg pre-calculus teacher's blog serves to "... record and reflect on my personal evolution of how to integrate ... technologies into my ... more>>

  Future of Math - Jamie Tubbs
This site supports the use of blogs, digital cameras, digital portfolios, discussion forums, spreadsheets, and other digital media to enhance student ... more>>

  The Geometer's Sketchpad - Key Curriculum Press
Geometry software for Euclidean, coordinate, transformational, analytic, and fractal geometry, recommended for students from grade 5 through college. ... more>>

  The Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Center - Key Curriculum Press
Search collection of Sketchpad Classroom Activities for download or purchase, browse the Advanced Sketch Gallery, access Technical Support, explore ... more>>

  Homeschool Math Blog - Maria Miller
Math blog aimed at helping teachers and homeschoolers teach math better. Includes math history topics, news, book reviews, resource links, updates to ... more>>

  Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) - Education Development Center, Inc.
The ITEST program funds projects that provide opportunities for both school-age children and teachers to build the skills and knowledge needed to ... more>>

  The Interactive Mathematics Classroom - Rex Boggs
A digital library of third-party technology resources for teaching mathematics, from kindergarten to calculus. Register to comment on interactive ... more>>

  Introduction to Vectors - Prof. Eugene Klotz, The Math Forum
Supplementary material to help students with their first encounter with vectors, and an experiment in the pedagogical possibilities of some modern ... more>>

  The Math Dude - Mike DeGraba
Mike DeGraba is the Math Dude, bringing engaging explanations to Algebra I students in this series of videos. The 5- to 7-minute episodes are ... more>>

  MathScore - Accurate Learning Systems Corp.
Adaptive online math practice for first grade through Algebra I. Developed by MIT grads, MathScore is research-based and aligned to the NCTM Focal ... more>>

  NRICH Maths, the Online Maths Club - Univ. of Cambridge, UK
A project that aims to establish a permanent national centre for curriculum enrichment to provide mathematical learning support for very able children ... more>>

  Reasoning Mind - Reasoning Mind Inc.
Reasoning Mind is a non-profit organization. It's also a core curriculum based on programs proven successful in Russia, China, and Singapore. A ... more>>

  Rebecca Newburn
Links to this California teacher's Math 7 blog, and to her professional blog, a "fusion of best teaching practices, integrating technology and ... more>>

  Study Island
Internet-based standards-mastery products, based on state standards. Subscriptions are available for single classes through districts, with individual ... more>>

For more, search or browse Computers and Computers in Math Education in the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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