1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Interdisciplinary Mathematics

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

MAA Session
Interdisciplinary Courses--Integrating Mathematics and Other Disciplines

Agnes M. Rash, St. Joseph's University arash@sju.edu
Sandra Fillebrown, St. Joseph's University sfillebr@sju.edu
  1. Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines: Interdisciplinary Courses
    John M Quinn
    Frank A Cerreto
    Charles W Herlands
  2. Mathematics in a Learning Community
    Scott A. Smith, Columbia College (SC)
  3. Music, Mathematics, and Cryptology
    Craig M. Johnson, Marywood College
  4. Mathematics and Models in Music
    Alexandra Kurepa, North Carolina A&T State University
    Rodney A Waschka, North Carolina State University
  5. A Business Calculus and Principles of Accounting I Learning Community
    Joanne D. Kossegi, SUNY at Oswego
    Joan Carroll, SUNY at Oswego
  6. Integrating Mathematical Statistics Into The Occupational Therapy Curriculum
    Laurie J Sawyer, Ph.D.
    William R Croninger, OTR/L
  7. Teaching Undergraduates to Consult in Applied Mathematics
    Philip E. Luft, Salisbury State University
  8. Mathematical Models in Chemistry - An Interdisciplinary Approach
    Agnes M. Rash, St. Joseph's University
  9. Mathematics and Biology: An Interdisciplinary GER Course
    Sandra Fillebrown, St. Joseph's University
  10. Life Sciences Laboratories for Calculus and Differential Equations
    James L. Cornette, Iowa State Universtiy
  11. An Integrated Mathematics/Biology Course for a Freshman Honors Class
    David R Stone, Georgia Southern University
    William S Irby, Georgia Southern University
  12. A Coordinated Introduction to Mechanics and Calculus
    Laurie Fathe, Occidental College
    Michael A McDonald, Occidental College
    Jennifer J Quinn, Occidental College
    George Schmiedeshoff, Occidental College
  13. A course integrating calculus and physics
    Martin A Jackson
  14. Interdisciplinary Course in Fourier Optics
    James S. Walker, UW-Eau Claire
  15. An Integrated Pre-Engineering Curriculum
    Phillip L. Zenor, Auburn University
    Jack W. Rogers, Jr., Auburn University
  16. Ground Spill Diffusion and Convection: An Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Project Linking Math and Engineering
    Joseph D. Myers, United States Military Academy
    Eric B. Zimmerman, United States Military Academy
  17. Multidisciplinary Course in Nonlinear Dynamics
    Neil Fleishon
    Jean Marie McDill, Calif. Polytechnic State Univ.
    Kent Morrison
    Rod Schoonover
    John P. Sharpe
    Nilgun Sungar

AMS Special Session
Mathematics of Industry, Government and Business: A Survey

Desiree A. Beck, Washington, DC dbeck@afterlife.ncsc.mil
  1. Precise Positioning of Ground Targets Observed by Airborne Surveillance Radar
    Mark G. Yarbrough, Daniel H. Wagner, Associates
  2. What's a mathematician like you doing in a place like that?
    Leon H. Seitelman, Pratt &Whitney
  3. Mathematics in Preclinical Drug Development
    Laura A. Bloom, Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  4. A Survey of Mathematical Applications in Biotechnology and Related Fields.
    Stanley J. Benkoski, Wagner Associates
  5. Nonlinear Interference Suppression Techniques for Digital Communications
    James W. Bond, SAIC
  6. Reynolds Equation and Its Impact on the Data Storage Industry
    Derry Connolly

NSF-funded projects under the DUE interdisciplinary initiative.
MAA Committee on Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics Panel Discussion

Frank R. Giordano, COMAP
William E. Boyce, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dennis DeTurck, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Steven R. Dunbar, University of Nebraska
James H. Lightbourne, National Science Foundation
Daniel P. Maki, Indiana University
Alan C. Tucker, SUNY-Stony Brook
Dorothy I. Wallace, Dartmouth College
Lee Zia, National Science Foundation

Using real-world data to motivate the teaching and learning of mathematics.
MAA Panel Discussion

Florence S. Gordon, New York Institute of Technology
Sheldon P. Gordon, Suffolk Community College

A roundtable discussion with the client disciplines.
MAA CRAFTY Panel Discussion

Sheldon P. Gordon, Suffolk Community College
Ron Oaxaca, University of Arozona
John Prados, NSF and the University of Tennessee
Wayne Roberge, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael Ruane, Boston University

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