1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Math Education

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

AMS Session
Mathematics Education

  1. The missing link between problem solving and mathematics education
    Helmut Doll, Bloomsburg University of PA
    Scott Inch
  2. Encountering mathematical patterns everywhere
    Anne Hughes, St. John's University
  3. Computing Galois Groups of Order Four Linear Differential Equations
    Sabrina A Hessinger, North Carolina State University
  4. A basic inequality of sobolev type for quasiperiodic functions of fixed frequencies
    Luping Zhang, University of Claifornia, Irvine
  5. Differential operators in ordinary differential equations
    Prem Bajaj, Wichita State University
  6. A Model for Change: Planning and Implementing Calculus Reform in a Mid-sized Department
    Russell D. Blyth, Saint Louis University
    Michael K. May, S.J., Saint Louis University
    T. Christine Stevens, Saint Louis University
  7. A Writing Intensive Approach to Statistics
    Jan Orton Case, Samford University
  8. Teaching Math to Teachers -- A Case Study in Curriculum Reform
    Baine B. Alexander, University of Wisconsin--Madison
    Sue M. Daffinrud, University of Wisconsin--Madison
    Heather A. Lewis, University of Wisconsin--Madison
  9. A Teaching Option for a Master of Science in Mathematics
    Sue Geller, Texas A&M University
  10. Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines: History & Development of the Program at Richard Stockton College (NJ)
    Charles W. Herlands, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
    Frank A. Cerreto, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
    John M. Quinn, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  11. Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines: Program Information and Faculty Development
    Frank A. Cerreto, Richad Stockton College of New Jersey
    Charles W. Herlands, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
    John M. Quinn, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  12. Continuous Newton's Method in Calculus Courses
    Steven M. Hetzler
  13. Special Cooperative Learning Projects for Elementary Statistics
    Mary H. Hudson, Samford University
  14. The history of mathematics and the calculus reform
    Miguel Paredes, University of Texas
  15. Successful components of reform: changing the attitudes of education majors.
    Marta B. Pecuch-Herrero, Arizona State University West
  16. Using Systems Dynamics Software in Calculus
    Robert S. Cole, The Evergreen State College
    Robert M. Tardiff, Salisbury State University
  17. Visual Symmetry Projects in Abstract Algebra
    Raymond F Tennant, Eastern Kentucky University
  18. Ethnomathematics and Complex Analysis
    Winifred Wikkeling, University of California, Berkeley
  19. Some distance geometry in $L^p(n)$
    Daniel Cass,
    Gerald Wildenberg
  20. Controlling the Chaotic Logistic Map, An Undergraduate Project
    Erik M. Bollt, United States Military Academy at West Point, NY
  21. The Core-Plus Mathematics Project Curriculum: Integrating Hand-held Technology into a New 4-Year High School Curriculum
    Eric W. Hart, Western Michigan University
  22. Mathematical Ethics
    Robert P. Webber, Longwood College

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