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* Contents

  • Analytic and Coordinate Geometry
  • Area
  • Circles
  • Complex Numbers
  • Concurrency, Collinearity, Ratio of Division    
  • Conic Sections
  • Connections
  • Constructions
  • Dissection
  • Enrichment
  • Finite Geometries
  • Foundations of Geometry
  • Four Color Problem
  • Fractals and Chaos
  • Geoboards
  • Geometry and Algebra
  • Geometry and Computers
  • Graph Theory
  • Higher Dimensions
  • History
  • How Should Geometry be Taught?
  • Inequalities
  • Joining Points
  • Lines, Angles, and Measurement
  • Logic
  • Non-Euclidean Geometry
  • Polygons
  • Proof Methods
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Right Triangles
  • Similarity
  • Tessellations
  • Topology
  • Transformations
  • Triangles
  • Vector Geometry
  • What Should Be Taught?
  • Why Should Geometry Be Taught?
  • The entire bibliography, in text form
  • The bibliography in Microsoft Word for the Mac
  • * To the user, from Professor Ludwig:

    In each section of the bibliography the order of presentation of the references is from the most recent volume to the first volume. Within each volume the order is from the first issue of the volume to the last issue of the volume.

    The subject headings are not mutually exclusive. Many articles are referenced under more than one heading. The choice of section headings is mine and represents my reaction to the articles.

    I have made certain that I have listed all the articles which the editors of the Mathematics Teacher have, in the end-of-year indices, classified as being related to geometry. I have included other articles which my experience leads me to believe would be useful when learning or teaching geometry.

    Several errors in page and/or volume listings have been called to my attention by users of this bibliography. If you find other errors in the bibliography I would appreciate being informed of them. If enough users do this, eventually the listings may become error free.

    If you wish to find articles related to teaching and learning in other areas of mathematics it is worth noting that the NCTM has published two (non-annotated) bibliographies of articles from the Mathematics Teacher.

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