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This is a selection of presentations from the 74th Annual NCTM Meeting, 25-28 April 1996, San Diego, CA.

We will endeavor to collect more information on the individual talks (abstract, preprint, etc.) and on the subject matter (bibliography, ancillary material, related Web sites, etc.). In the list below, a * means that the speakers have provided additional material on their talk.



  • Bridge Across the Pacific -- Ideas from Australia K-12
    Doug Clarke (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Victoria)
    Charles Lovitt (Curriculum Corporation, Melbourne, Victoria)
    Barbara Clarke (Augusta Curriculum Services, Melborne, Victoria)
    Max Stephans (Board of Studies, Melbourne, Victoria)
    Dianne Siemon (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria)
    Jeffrey Baxter (Australian Association of Math Teachers, Adelaide, South Australia)
    Level: K-12, Type: Conference Within a Conference

  • Getting to Know the Connected Mathematics Project: A Grades 6-8 Curriculum
    Susan Friel (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC)
    Glenda Lappan (Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI)
    Level: 6-8, Type: Conference Within a Conference

    * The Core-Plus Mathematics Project: Making Mathematics Accessible to All
    Christian Hirsch (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI)
    Arthur Coxford (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI)
    James Fey (University of Maryland, College Park, MD)
    Eric Hart (Western Michigan University, Kalmazoo, MI)
    Harold Schoen (University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA)
    Ann Watkins (California State University, Northridge, CA)
    Beth Ritsema (Western Michigan University, Kalmazoo, MI)
    Level: 8-12, Type: Conference Within a Conference

    * Many Visions, Many Aims: First Acts in the Drama of Curriculum
    William H. Schmidt (Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI)
    Level: K-12, Type: Regular
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