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8th International Congress on Math Education
TG19: Computer-Based Learning Environments

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Topic Group 19: Computer-Based Learning Environments
Abstracts & **Electronic Posters** Contributors
"New Perspectives of Learning" Kanji Akahori
**Constructing Geometry Pedagogy** Richard Allen
Geometric Proof Using Video & Computer G. Bajani
**Using dynamic geometry environments ...** Philippe Bernat
Using GSP with Garden Variety Kids Doug Brumbaugh
Didactic Contract and Microworld Environnement Hamid Chaachoua
Managing Dynamical Interaction ... Xavier Dubourg
**A didactic experience with Cabri-Geometre** Maria Gonzalez-Lopez
Cyberspace Calculus Carnival Sarah Inkpen
Scripted Exploration Environments in GSP Nick Jackiw
Formal graphing in a computer environment Anthony Jones
Component-oriented Tools for Exploratory Math M. Koutlis
A New Perspective on Microworld with Direct Manipulation Jean-Marie Laborde
How does a Computer Algebra System actually work ...? Jean-Baptiste Lagrange
**Teacher's Learning Needs in a Computer-based ...** Douglas McDougall
... A theoretical framework for designing a CBILE Jean-Francois Nicaud
Constructing Mathematical Meaning in CBILEs Richard Noss
Constructing multiplicative operations with fractions ... John Olive
Una metodologia para el desarrollo de la vision espacial ... Paulo Pavel
Inteligencia Artificial Aplicada a la ... Matematica Maria de Graca Pereira
**Automatic Discovery of Elem. Geometry Theorems** Tomas Recio
... Constructive Introduction to Group Theory Sam Rososhek
... The Collaborative Construction of Mathematical Meaning ... Baruch Schwarz
**Software Matematico Interactivo Universitatio ...** Vera W. de Spinadel

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