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This is an abstract of a presentation at The 8th International Congress on Math Education (ICME 8), July 14-21, 1996 in Seville, Spain..

Constructing Geometry Pedagogy

To make effective use of CBILEs in classroom teaching situations, in-service teachers must both:
  1. construct new geometry knowledge themselves using CBILEs and
  2. reconstruct their pedagogy themselves in ways that integrate CBILEs into classroom practice.
This principle has been fundamental to two National Science Foundation funded in-service teacher enhancement projects aimed at reform of the teaching of geometry and involving, respectively, 50 and 60 teachers in grades 6-12. The second project is also currently attempting to use visualization to enrich the teaching of other mathematics curriculum areas than geometry. All teachers have been required to learn new geometry using several CBILEs. The principal vehicle through which teachers have reconstructed their pedagogies has been the writing and use of teaching scenarios that integrate CBILEs and other (manipulative) tools into their teaching These scenarios create inquiry-based, exploratory-oriented teaching situations with a major emphasis on bringing to the forefront mathematical connections.

This presentation will describe:

  1. use of specific CBILEs employed by the teachers to construct new (to them) geometry,
  2. selected laboratory experiences organized to support and inform the teachers' scenario writing,
  3. selected scenarios written by teachers that attempt to create CBILEs, and
  4. project sponsored structures and activities during the school year that help teachers institute and maintain pedagogy reform.
In the second project, special emphasis is placed on creating laboratory-like teaching environments where both CBILEs and manipulatives are used together to connect and reinforce different ways of teaching old and new curriculum topics. Several examples will be given.

Richard Allen, allen@acc.stolaf.edu

Additional materials from Mr. Allen are available.

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