The News from ICME-8, Installment 2


Our thank you page (with photos), for the many people who helped us get these Web pages up.

Poster sessions

Approximately 500 people presented posters or short software demonstrations at ICME. Poster presenters are scheduled for two time slots to talk to people who come to look at their poster. Here are two presenters whose topics interested me.

Working groups

Working groups are collections of people interested in a common topic. The groups meet 4 mornings of the congress for short presentations and discussions. Unfortunately, the California Math Show reporting staff was too busy WORKING to attend any Working Group sessions. (Next time we'll bring at least 3 people.)

Topic groups

Topic groups are similar to working groups, except that they meet for only one session. Here is a Geometer's Sketchpad sketch that Doris Schattschneider made for her presentation in TG 15: Art and Mathematics. This is a copy of a pattern found in Andalusia (in Sevilla?); it inspired several of M.C. Escher's designs.

Math problem: Make your own copy of this pattern. (Hint: start with a square grid.)


A number of 1-hour lectures were presented every day. The Math Show staff was too busy to go to them.


Twenty Projects were presented at ICME-8. They were given space in a large room to show posters and other materials. Half of the projects (Including the California Math Show) were open during the entire congress. These included several Spanish groups with student math/art projects and polyhedron software, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, and several groups in the U.K. and U.S. with a joint project on Balanced Assessment.


ICME-9 will take place in Japan in August, 2000. A group of 12 Japanese organizers attended ICME-8 to begin planning the next ICME and to encourage everyone to attend. Here is a photo of some origami at the ICME-9 table.

Sevillian trivia

What is jamon de pato?

-- Susan Addington