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a and b are their angular frequencies, and phi is their phase difference.

Want to briefly explain angular frequencies and phase difference? You'll have naive folks looking at this. For a,b, phi, you can just refer folks to the Second Method discussion, where they're discussed amply and well, but a little something here would be comforting.<s>

<s>3.The Lissajous Curve with a = 1

space needed before the T, and I didn't have editing rights right off to do it.

The Lissajous Curve animation is way cool, but I'd sure like to be able to stop it, or give it a fraction to graph--I guess this is the intention of Animated Lissajous figures, which didn't work for me in Safari.

As I have asked in the meeting last Friday, there is no good way to pause a gif at any time. The pausegif command, which is what I'm using now, only stops and replays the animations. -Peng

Also, you need to give ample credit for the animations throughout.

There are credits given in the image page of those animations, saying that I made all animations in this page on my own. However, in the pausegif command one cannot click on the image to see its source, which is a technical issue that needs to be fixed -Peng

In an extreme case, if the ratio is irrational, then both a and b will be infinitely large ...

"infinitely large" is imprecise and not used in mathematical discourse. Please put it in quotes.

Application in Oscilloscopes

Application TO Oscilloscopes; similarly for Harmonographs.

Harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus

A Harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus

I'm a bit concerned that almost all your references are from Wikipedia (although 3 and 4 lack a capital W). What have you, Peng, done so that people would want to come here rather than go to Wikipedia.

I'm looking for some non-wiki references, already added one. More to come -Peng

I must say, I like your presentation and this page a whole lot.

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