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A community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics.

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There's a lot of stuff in here. Join our community! View our Orientation to get some ideas of how to make the most of this resource. View and/or download Bethany Hudnutt's handout, Navigating Math Tools


National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics in New Orleans! Session 366: Ignite!
The Math Forum & NCSM present this Ignite session. What makes mathematical educators passionate? What IGNITES us? Join us to find out! See how well our ten featured speakers do with 20 PowerPoint slides advancing every 15 seconds, whether they are ready or not!

Powerful Problem Solving
Visit our Companion Web site and, in particular, our Classroom Videos page.


Make It Real Learning (MIRL)
The Math Forum @ Drexel and MIRL have teamed up to provide you a discount on The Make It Real Learning Activity Libraries, Volume I and Volume 2. Now you can answer when asked, "When am I ever going to use this?" Use the discount code MF31 to receive your 31% discount!

What's Hot?

[March 11] Educational Math Games: snezana90 says, "Since lots of kids nowadays spend much time playing games, my team and I have decided to mix up pleasure, fun and knowledge and design some math games."

[February 28] Logs and Uses: Math Lover 3.14 writes, "For those of you out there who are learning about logs in class and wonder what they're used for, here you go...."

[February 25] Best & New way to teach Long Division: henrywilliamsonn announces, "The Long Division Made Easy is an app made for the children who are learning division."

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Max, Annie, and Steve waiting for their turn to Ignite!

Tool: Free Ride by NCTM: Illuminations

Our booth at a previous NCTM conference.