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Activity: Quadratic Functions
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Description: Guided activities with the Graph Explorer applet, designed to let students learning about quadratic functions explore: the parabolic shape of the graphs of quadratic functions; how coefficients affect the position and scale of the graph; how the graph of the function relates to those of its factors; the location of the axis of symmetry; and "completing the square."
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: Alan Cooper
Language: English 
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Tool: Graph Explorer
Courses: Algebra Quadratic Equations, Completing the Square, Graphing, Graphing Quadratics
Algebra II Quadratic Equations, Completing the square, Graphing
PreCalculus quadratic

Student Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: peterchow, Jul 5 2005 04:12:44:267AM
What did you learn? basic concepts apply to solving questions
Recommended for: Algebra: Polynomials
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Comment:A nice, clean webpage with a good perspective on quadratic equations (as the product of linearly-related quantities). Great lab exercises as well, I actually learned something about quadratics.
  Mike McMillen
Comment:nice and neat. Easy to use. the lessons are helpfull
Comment:An excellent tool. Takes a bit of upfront knowledge to get started. Limited use with function notation.