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Tool: Fraction Finder Review
Teacher Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: ihor, Oct 5 2004 12:56:30:527AM
Review based on:
personal experience
Appropriate for:
introduction to a concept, practice of skills and understandings
What math does one need to know to use the resource?
some prelimary ideas of what a fraction is
What hardware expertise does one need to learn to use the resource?
basic computer literacy
How hard was it for you to learn?
It took a while because it wasn't clear from the activity itself what the goal was. What? does explain but I think the goal of the activity should be on the initial screen. For example: Find a fraction that lives in-between these two fractions. Using questions at the top is cute, but not clear.
Ability to meet my goals:
Recommended for:
Math 4: Fractions
Math 5: Fractions
Math 6: Fractions
Math 7: Fractions