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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Composition of Transformations... Transformations and symmetry (Geometry)+ Sketchpad Activity  [2]
Set Puzzles Addition (Math 3)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Mystery Sums 1 Addition (Math 4)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Law of Sines Ambiguous Case Ambiguous Case (Trigonometry) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Area of a Circle Circles (Geometry) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Mellow Yellow: Interpreting Gr... Equations and functions (Math 6)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
The Geometer's Sketchpad General (Math 3)+ Sketchpad Tool $  [1]
Making a Kaleidoscope Geometry in the plane (Math 3)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Properties of Kites Kite (Geometry) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Jump Along Operations with numbers (Math 3)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Cartesian Graphs and Polar Gra... Polar Coordinates (Trigonometry)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Transformations Transformations (Math 7)+ Sketchpad Activity  [1]
A Min/Max Problem Triangles (Geometry) Sketchpad Activity  [1]
Exploring the Witch of Agnesi asymptotes (PreCalculus)+ Sketchpad Activity  [1]
From Secant Lines to Tangent L... limits (PreCalculus)+ Sketchpad Activity  [1]
Matrix Transformations operations with matrices (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Types of Triangles Classify geometric objects (Math 3)+ Sketchpad Technology PoW  [3]
Properties of Parallel Lines Parallel (Geometry)+ Sketchpad Activity  [2]
Reflection and Rotation Symmet... Symmetry (Math 6)+ Sketchpad Activity  [2]
Law of Sines Ambiguous Case Ambiguous Case (Trigonometry) Sketchpad Activity  [1]
Instantaneous Rate of Change As an instant. rate of change (Calculus) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Conic_Connections Circles (Algebra II)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Areas of Regular Polygons and ... Circles (Geometry)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
One Type of Integral Interpretations & properties (Calculus) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Angles Formed by Parallel Line... Intersecting, ||, & perp. (Math 6)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
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