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Topic: Topic 2 - Improvements Needed

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Subject:   Written lessons to go with applets
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Mar 18 2003
There might be two equally useful approaches to incorporating technology into
our lessons, and lesson planning.
1.  Find a new applet/software/platform, and build a lesson around it (or, for
time-strapped teachers, use a pre-packaged lesson built around the
2.  Look for applets/software/platforms that fit into lessons you currently use,
but make it more clear.  

An example of this second approach was very useful for me recently--I used the
"function flyer" on the Shodor site
< > in place
of the graphing calculator in an exploration of the role of parameters in a
sinusoidal function.  By entering "2*sin(0.5*(x-1))+3" in the y= block in the
applet, students saw a graph and had sliders for each of the control numbers.
They could adjust the control numbers quickly and easily, and the applet made
the lesson go much more smoothly than it had in the past when students were
comparing several graphs on the same calculator or various graphs on several
calculators.  I intend to use this applet in the future whenever I do
introductory work on function families.

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