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Topic: connecting research and teaching

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Subject:   message to those interested in the research area
Author: George Reese
Date: Mar 26 2003
Dear Math Tools Participants,

When you registered at Math Tools, you let us know that you would like to be
informed of activity in the research area. That is how you got on this list.

I'm George Reese, and I'm the moderator of this corner of MathTools. You can
find the area at

In that area you will find some information about me and a link to an article
"summary".  We thought that a good way to introduce the area and start
discussion would be to post summaries of articles on topics of interest to
researchers and to teachers. There is one there now that refers to a recent
report on Scientific Research in Education. The summary is at

Suzanne, and I have posted some questions for discussion at
If you have thoughts on the article, I would look forward to that dialogue.

Also, the Math Forum is supportive of taking this area in whatever direction
would be most fruitful to the users. In order to find out more about that, let
me ask the following:

-What would you like to see in the research area of math tools?

Related to that is another question that I would like to pose to teachers and
researchers alike.

- How can the questions and results of mathematics education research be brought
most effectively to classroom teachers?

Hopefully, we can find new opportunities for connecting research and practice
that are available through the forums like the Math Tools discussion areas.

I'm going to go to the discussion area myself, and add these questions.
Please respond with your thoughts at


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