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Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   research and ideology
Author: George
Date: Mar 28 2003
On Mar 28, 2003, gayla wrote:
could you please expand a bit on your question?

What I meant by "insulating research from ideology" was the idea that the
questions researchers ask are connected to beliefs. For example, you could study
a question like, "what's the most efficient way to teach multiplication skills
to fourth-graders?"

That study would most likely begin from a very different place than a study of
the question, "what is an effective way to help fourth-graders develop an
understanding of the meaning of multiplication."

The latter question assumes that a deeper understanding is important. The
former, that rote procedure is key. Of course, people can and do study both. I'm
just wondering, in the context of "scientifical research," what determines the
questions we ask? I believe the questions we ask come from a particular point of
view. And so, the answers may or may not be useful to teachers who often want to
know "what works" in their particular context.

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