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Topic: Mean, Median, and Mode

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Subject:   Feedback after using suggestions
Author: Suzanne
Date: Apr 18 2003
Actually I was happy to see George's post that mentioned the same site that
Craig suggested because George also asked Art to let him know how the teacher
liked the site. I'm going to go one step farther and ask for details!

I know that it will take a little while for this to happen but, Art, but once
you check the suggestions that others have given and you pass them on to the
teacher you are working with, it would be great if you could return to this
thread and let us know the teacher's response.

- Was what was suggested what he/she was looking for?
- Did he/she try it with students?
- What worked? What didn't work?
- What mathematical concepts did using the applet or lesson or activity help
students learn?

I know that some of you who have suggested sites since we started the Roundtable
discussions have shared stories about how the technology has helped your
students learn. It would be fun to hear from folks who have been "given"
suggestions, tried them, and then come back to let us know about the

They might come back with questions, success stories, or sad stories. Whatever
their experience, I would love to hear about it!

Thanks, Art!

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Post a new topic to the Roundtable Discussion in Math 7 for Bias discussion
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