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Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   Reinventing the wheel
Author: Alice
Date: May 4 2003
I agree with Jumping Teddy. Politically correct data abound about teaching, but
it doesn't get us anyplace.

I also believe a lot of others agree but do not want to go on record as saying
so, hence this question has remained undiscussed for a few months.

What can be done about it?

First, this math tools concept has a chance to gather large group research and
have teachers around the country comment on them, thereby improving our

True, everything is anecdotal, but we have a great chance to use inductive
reasoning as a fist step. (That's what we teach right?)and hope that the methods
the majority likes will work for us.

Second, it will at least keep some of us from having to reinvent the wheel

What I think would go well here are honest replies in large numbers after you
try a method.

So, if you must, pick a different screen name on your Internet account, and lets
hear your ideas and solutions to gaining credible research on teaching!

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