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Topic: connecting research and teaching

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Subject:   Re: Lower-order and higher-order
Author: Suzanne
Date: May 9 2003
Hi Dave,

I agree with your concern about only addressing lower-order skills but I think
it is something that isn't only specific to the use of math "tools" as we are
cataloguing them in this digital library but to mathematics education in

I agree with your statement,

"I hope that you have someone looking at the tools (especially, how they are
used in the classrooms) from this point of view."

This actually is a general hope that we have as we build the Math Tools
community. The staff at the Math Forum may have some comments here and there in
the discussions but actually it's the members of the community who have the
voice! What we are really hoping is that as someone in the community voices a
particular need that other folks in the community will help develop resources to
address those needs. In other words, the Math Forum is providing an area or
space, in this case Math Tools, to have the discussions and organize the
resources, but it only comes to life with the interaction of the community
members. It's you and your worldwide colleagues who will really shape the

So, for example, if there is a lesson plan and/or activity that is catalogued in
Math Tools that someone feels misses the mark or could be improved by going a
step further in the direction of addressing higher order thinking skills (or
something else, for that matter), then perhaps, they'll make that comment and
provide a suggestion for an alternative lesson/activity.

Another idea is that if someone knows of a tool with accompanying
lesson/activity that is an example of addressing higher order thinking skills,
then those resources can be submitted to Math Tools. We are just "starting" to
add publicly submitted resources. Because we are just in the initial phase of
this site, we are still developing all of the software required to handle
submissions. So, we are hoping you will be patient with us but we definitely
have the long term goal of having reviews, ratings, resource submissions and
other features that the Math Tools community will be able to use to create a
digital library that will serve a wide spectrum of users.

- Suzanne

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