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Subject:   Different Krause url & info provided by Krause
Author: grc
Date: Jun 6 2003
Here is another Krause url that I ran across last night, some being his graphics
applied to the Platonic Solids duals, but they move back and forth really

(it will be interesting to see if all 3 lines are included as the link, i.e., if
the link will work without fixing).  They move so fast, and I emailed him about
it.  Here is his answer with instructions about how to alter the speed of

Krause's instructions:
"You can go slowly through any animation by stopping it (double click)
then holding down the ALT key and while holding it down, click the left
mouse button, hold it down and move the mouse horizontally.
(On some machines you can also right click and drag horizontally
without the ALT key.)"

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