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Topic: RE: Applet search

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Subject:   Applet search
Author: Susan
Date: Sep 15 2003
I am looking for something that may not exist.  My students are having
difficulty seeing the intersection of two planes in 2-d.  Has anyone seen an
applet that shows a 3-d box in 2-D, and illustrates the intersection of
planes?  I visualize a student clicking on the side of the box, which would then
change colors and show the plane, and then clicking on the bottom of the box and
that would change color, and then the line of intersection would appear--the
edge of the box.  Or, the student would be required to draw the line of
intersection. It might also have the line of intersection showing and the
students would be required to click on the two sides or planes that create the
line of intersection.  Let me know...Thanks

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