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Topic: A student on Galatic Exchange.
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Subject:   reasoning skills--from a teacher's point of view
Author: Susan
Date: Nov 21 2003
What I witnessed as the students worked this problem was excitement when they
got the answer, but considerable frustration when some of them didn't.  There
was very little direction given in to get the students started.  I think this is
a great way to develop problem solving skills.  As a teacher, we really need to
be careful to not direct the students too much, but it creates a fine line as to
where we should start intervening to help with the frustration level.  I like
the students working in 'compatible' groups so they can bounce ideas off of each
other.  This activity is very 'rich' because getting the 'right' answer isn't
the only goal.  I have seen the students put forth quite a bit of effort to work
through the problems.

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