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Topic: C&I 336, Week 1: Moving Man Applet
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Subject:   Moving Man
Author: Jeanette
Date: Jan 29 2004
Strange, but I stumbled upon this same activity. I think I saw this in my
education class previously, but I also enjoy it.  The filtering button befuddles
me as well; does anybody know what that means or what it does?  I tried several
times to see what differences would occur if it was heavy or nonexistent.  Just
like Michael, I'm still not getting it.

Another point:  I found it interesting that if you moved the person back and
forth fast enough, there would be gaps in the graph!  I suppose it may be too
fast for the computer to graph it, but that may be something students will
attempt and inquire about.  Does anybody know the real reason why this occurs,
and what one can do about it?

Otherwise, this is an overall fun program.  It helps students visualize things
without taking the time to set up graphs; the results are so immediate, it's
easier to make more and more trials.

But yes, if someone could enlighten me on the Filtering button as well as what
they think about my second comment, that'd be wonderful!  Thank you :)

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