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Topic: Function Machine
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Subject:   Function Machine: Could Be Better
Author: Craig
Date: Feb 11 2004
I agree with the two previous posts--it would be more useful to be more
flexible.  When I showed it to my class, I asked them to write down recursive
rules [s(n) = s(n-1)+2] and explicit rules [s(n) = 2n - 5] for the functions
shown.  The applet could prompt for either or both forms... or could allow a
rule to be entered.  
In terms of the "domain" being limited to {1,2,...7} for each function, I think
that is reasonable... especially if you think of "sequence as function of
natural numbers."  
One drawback to the applet is that it FEEDS the (immature) idea that functions
only operate on, and produce, numbers.  Teachers should be sure, if using the
applet for demonstration or for student practice, that they include other
settings for functions.

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