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Topic: Poly from Pedagoguery Software Inc

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Subject:   RE: Solids/3-D diagrams
Author: Bethany Hudnutt
Date: Feb 26 2004
The Wolfram site (the company that developed mathematica) has an excellent
resource for such diagrams: under geometry ->
plane geometry though you cannot copy the 3-d figure as it is a java object
that can be spun around to view it from many angles.  However, you could copy
and paste the many "nets" they have into another document - the 2-d
representations that can be cut and folded to form the 3-d figure.

Its a wonderful site regardless...

Hope this helps,

On Feb 24, 2004, Susan Socha wrote:

I am looking for a place that has 3-d diagrams that you can copy into a word
document, and then label with your own letters and numbers. For example, a
hexagonal prism with no labels on it, or a triangular pyramid with the altitude
showing, but with no numbers or letters.  I can draw many of them myself, but
some of them are a little daunting.  It would make it easier for teachers who
are writing worksheets or tests to have a cache of diagrams that they could
select from.  Could the Math Forum provide these by any chance?  Or maybe
someone knows where a cache already exists!  Any help will be appreciated!

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