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Topic: MS Word division symbol

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Subject:   RE: MS Word division symbol
Author: Dan
Date: Mar 3 2004
Most of the full fonts have the division symbol available as part of their
character set. To see the full character set in MS Word, go to the Insert menu
on the toolbar at the top of the screen. From the pull down menu under Insert,
select "symbol".

You'll be shown a grid containing all the characters in a font - the list of
fonts available on your computer is available above the grid of symbols. You can
select any character and insert it into your current document.

The division symbol is available in most of the standard fonts - Times New
Roman, Arial, Garamond, etc.

I don't know of an easy way to insert more complex fractions into MS Word
documents without using an add-on application like Math Type (which works very
well for just about any mathematical typing task).

Dan Hanson
Bishop Lynch High School
Dallas, TX

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