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Topic: realities in school?

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Subject:   realities in school?
Author: Suzanne
Date: Mar 9 2004
Hi everyone,

I've been out of the classroom for over 3 years now and I need your help! As
part of another project that I work on at the Math Forum I've been having a
conversation with university students about the logistics of using the software
that they are developing.

The product in question will be software that will require some installation in
order to run. The statement that I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about

"Most schools with computer labs have ways of installing programs."

Is this true in your situation? If you do have that capability (either yourself
or by asking a technician) how likely is it that you would do it (or you would
ask to have it done)? What kind of preparation (lead time) is required? Can you
provide any details? Are there pros or cons to using software that requires
installation, in your opinion?


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