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Topic: Annoying peg logic...
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Subject:   RE: Annoying peg logic...
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Mar 10 2004
> algorithms. Unfortunately, I can't actually NOTATE
> my algorithm within the applet itself-- I ended up
> writing notes to myself on a piece of paper.

> As has (I think) been commented on the other
> similar puzzles, a move-tracker would be really,
> really helpful here: something that tells you what
> moves you've made in an easy-to-read sidebar. Even
> a "take back last move" button would be extremely
> useful-- that way a kid doesn't have to trace
> through every single step again to try and finish
> the eight-peg problem when he or she gets it wrong.

I am in the process of revising this and the towers of hanoi applets. I will add
a take back last move button and would like to add some representation of the
moves you have taken. I've been trying to think of what type of representation
would be most useful for seeing the pattern. Please share any suggestions you

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