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Topic: Frustrations

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Subject:   Frustrations
Author: jon
Date: Apr 6 2004
So, I'm looking through the applets on the MathTools site and I kinda get
frustrated after a while.  I'm looking through mostly upper level math classes
(Grades 9-12) and I'm astonished at how the abundance of tools coming from
this site, I'm assuming it's Japanese.  For the most part they have
some pretty good applets, but I also wonder how well tools like theirs would be
received in the U.S. school systems.  Their tools seem to be heavily mathematics
and proof based.  I can't forsee something like this holding students' attention
for very long.  However, by the structure and depth of these tools, it's no
wonder why Japanese students are scoring so much higher than us on stuff like
the TIMSS.

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