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Topic: Virtual coin toss
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Subject:   Virtual coin toss
Author: Kilroy
Date: Apr 20 2004

Nicely put together little applet; the multiple visual representations, plus the
fact that you have the entire run of coin tosses at your fingertips (as opposed
to just the summary data) make this a pretty good laboratory. I am very pleased
that the inclusion of a probability modifier as well; that way you can actually
do broader experiments (even if it's not strictly coin flipping at that point).

Could you possibly stick in an alternate, manual setting for number of coin
flips? I really like stopping after you get so many in a row, and don't want to
get rid of that feature-- but just being able to say "I want the data on a
hundred coin flips" would be good too.

Now if you just write up a polyhedral dice-rolling application in the same
way, you'll have my eternal gratitude. :)

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