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Topic: a certain lack of robustness...
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Subject:   RE: a certain lack of robustness...
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: May 2 2004
I'm not sure I understand your definition of _play_ (or "robustness" for that
matter). Almost every one of the ies applets gives me a little "aha" moment that
sure feels like play to me, and draws my attention so some key concept or
technique that is worth remembering. I believe this adds to and/or reinforces my
understanding so that I am more likely to think of that concept or technique the
next time I need it.

On May 02, 2004, Kilroy wrote:

A couple of weeks ago, there was a brief discussion of the sort of applets at I had no idea what was being discussed. Now I do.

Here's two samples, which would largely garner the same comments from me as they
did from what I remember of the posts. There isn't any _play_ in these examples;
their purpose is to illustrate a point being made elsewhere. Taken on their own
and out of context, there's not a whole lot to be learned here. Taken in
context... I'm not sure. I'd have to see the lesson materials that accompany
these "tools."

I feel like I'm reading one part of another teacher's lesson plan.

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