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Topic: lulu indeed!
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Subject:   RE: lulu indeed!
Author: Julee
Date: May 21 2004

I have not used the Lulu tool with any students.  I can envision it being used
with middle schoolers, algebra students, and geometry students.  I taught for 5
years at the high school level and am currently taking some time off.


On May 21, 2004, Tara wrote:

Kilroy and Julee,

I was wondering if you have used this tool in your class.  If so what classes
did you use this tool for and how did the students take to using it?  Did you
find they ran into any problems?  Did any of them anything on their own while
playing around with it?  I'd be really interested to hear about your
experienceswith using the Lulu tool.  Thanks,


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