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Topic: Another nice slicing applet
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Subject:   RE: Another nice slicing applet
Author: Craig
Date: Jul 30 2004
On Jul 30 2004, Susan wrote:
> For slicing with drama, try this applet that allows the students to
> use a sword to slice a cube.  Another nice feature is that there are
> 9 slicing experiments that they can try on the cube, and then get
> feedback.  This is extended to other solids, but the other solids
> are not interactive.

I was excited to see this discussion--I have used this slicing question as a
"challenge" problem for visualization.  I have two comments about your message,
1.  I didn't see a sword in the tool (tool/501 was the url referred to in your
post).  Was there another tool similar to the first?  Also, all the figures in
"tool/501" WERE interactive.
2.  I think a sub-topic such as "Visualization in 3-d" or just
"Visualization" might be appropriate for the Geometry area.  This applet doesn't
fit very well into any of the other topics, and I have seen several other tools
that might be appropriately placed in a "visualization" category.  The very
first "expectation" for Grades 9-12 students in NCTM's Principles and
Standards under Geometry is "analyze properties and determine attributes of two-
and three-dimensional objects." (p. 308)

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