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Topic: Drill and Kill

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Subject:   RE: Balancing the drill with Problem of the Week
Author: bdelaney
Date: Jun 12 2011
I agree about taking some PD courses with the Math Forum. I have taken several
courses over the past five years. Some of my best strategies, like “noticing and
wondering,” I learned from the Math Forum PD courses.

I also agree with the careful balance of thinking and doing. Students need to
understand the big concept but they also have to practice using the procedures
to hold onto this learning. Someone needs to tell that teacher that learning is
not measured by the quantity completed. If her students can do 10 questions
correctly then why do they need to do 50 more? A more interesting way to
practice is to use the Math Forum’s Problem of the Week. These problems
challenge students to use their procedural knowledge while deepening their
mathematical understanding of concepts.  

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