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Topic: Looking For Math Typesetting Software

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Subject:   RE: Looking For Math Typesetting Software
Author: Mathman
Date: Sep 27 2004
On Apr  8 2004, Angela wrote:

Hi, Angela.

Thsi is a bit late [but so am I]; however, consider the following:

1. Scientific Notebook [and its companion software.]

2. Mupad, or Maple, or Derive ...Expensive commercial, but Mupad has at least a
student/educator discount value ...awesome software.  Those will do algebric
manipulation simple or very complex, 2D-, 3D- graphing, and simple or complex
formula representation.

3. DeltaCad for intuitively easy 2D drawing, Solid Edge for more sophisticated
3D rendering, but that's not so intuitive [great tutorials though.]

4.  Graphmatica for great 2D drawing.

5.  Most Office wuites are available free in schools and have the MathType
derivative math engine for doing equations and formulas.  Open Office Suite
[Free suite] has a math editor also, but it requires typing in representations
like older versions of Corel or MS software, not GUI insertions.

One thing I have found is the awkwardness of graphic insertion into
wordprocesing documents.  If you don't have the image anchored as you want it,
it can shift around with some horrible results as you edit your document and
insert new material, and can sometimes bring out the worst in you, especially if
accompanied by a Windows crash.  I haven't tried out Scientific Notebook to any
extent, but it is more properly designed for this purpose I think.

Why not check out software for the Mac?  I have not heard too many complaints
form that direction.  If writing a successful book, any expense can be drawn
from the business.


> Hi!  I'd like to publish an algebra book that I've written and would
> like an easy to use math typesetting software.   I'm willing to
> purchase the software, if it's easy.  lol

What I need is the
> ability to create basic algebraic functions, graphs and geometric
> figures.  

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