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Topic: Fractions, concept and calculations

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Subject:   RE: Good fraction support
Author: ihor
Date: Oct 5 2004
Took a look at your  list of 122 entries to see if any would support my darts
activity which I recently submitted as a resource to Mathtools. The purpose of
darts is to hit a balloon on a number line by throwing darts representing
fractions between 0 and 1. Playing this helps students get an intuitive sense of
how fractions work. The interesting challenge that pops up (no pun intended)
often in this activity is when a balloon  is between two fractional dart tosses
on a number line.  Interesting to watch kids come up with different strategies
to find one that's in between. I found a good applet  that gets after this same
idea. It's shodor's  "fraction finder". I wrote up a review.

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