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Topic: Role of MathDrag'n program in education

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Subject:   RE: Role of MathDrag'n program in education
Author: gene
Date: Oct 28 2004
I wanted to try your program since the description is interesting, but as a Mac
person I apparently don't have access to Sun's necessary 1.4.2 jre. I browsed
around what you have on Sourceforge which very briefly sketches what you're
thinking of doing and I believe you have some possibly interesting directions in

However, a lot will depend on your execution--I've seen instances of folks
with the same ideas for a program whose results are very different in terms of
success. Another key thing, which is apparently why you came to Math Tools, is
having some teachers with whom you can discuss ideas and test out preliminary
versions. This is the right approach--educational software designed otherwise
is apt to be useless.

One of the ideas you mention in your Sourceforge pages is having drag and drop
in algebra equations. A program which does this splendidly is Ron Avitzur's
Graphing Calculator, even though the main focus is on function graphing, See Features>Symbolic Methods for a description of
what he has executed really well.

If you decide to work in the direction you're considering please do post here
when you have something for folks to try out. I'll even try it on an appropriate

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